Before the Alarm

Every night, set my alarm on my phone exactly 1 hour before I need to be somewhere in the morning. In the winter, I can sleep right up to my alarm and sometimes it takes a good few minutes for me to want to roll out of bed, turn off the buzzing and shuffle with sleepy eyes to the bathroom. Today, my alarm was set for 6:45 AM; yet I awoke at 6:21 AM to see that it was light in my room and snow was softly falling outside my window. I absolutely love the feeling of being woke naturally. I happily rose out of bed, made my way to the coffee maker and sat down to compose my ‘Slice’ for the day.

I could get used to this!


One thought on “Before the Alarm

  1. Mornings like yours today are the best! Next Monday might not go quite as smoothly, Time Change! But the good news, warmer weather and sunshine is on the way. I too love bright sunlight lit mornings.

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