Loving On Their Kids

They come rushing into the studio; backpacks swinging, wet boots stomping, ponytails flying – students ready for dance class. They all have their own weekly ritual. Some of them come in and sit down in a pile of bodies on the couch, sharing granola bars and giggling as they discuss something on their smart phones. Others plop down on the rug and pull out homework or books to finish their schoolwork. While others buzz around the studio looking for anything ‘fun’ to do for 30 minutes while they wait until practice starts. They are in their own little world but any time one of them stops long enough in front of me to ask a question or tell me something interesting, I cant help but ‘love on’ them! I extend my hand to their cheek or wrap my arm around their shoulder to show them that I’m listening, I care, and I think the world of them. Just like my mom would have done to me when I was younger, she was always reaching out for me with affection and love. It’s just a natural reaction. In my head, I say to myself “If I can love and care about someone else’s kids this much, I cant even fathom how much I will love my own someday!” Thinking about being a mom has been on my mind since I was a kindergartener playing “house” during recess. I’ve always loved children. I knew I always wanted kids of my own. Since that time of my life has not yet come, I’ve taken to ‘loving on’ other people’s kids instead. My dance kids especially. I cherish every high five, every warm hug they share with me. Because it’s what I do naturally, and thankfully they give it right back without hesitation! :O)


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